The ITM Wordwide Program is certified by IATTO


IATTO Certification - a three step approach

Step 1: Become an IATTO Member

Step 2: Apply for Accreditation of your organisation

Step 3: Apply for Certification of your trade training programs.

The criteria for accreditation and certification are rigorous,ensuring an extremely high standard of training. Organisations must be recognised by their national authorities, provide exceptional trade training programmes, employ qualified lecturers to deliver the training and have appropriate assessment techniques in place.

If you meet these conditions, they can offer employees the opportunity to qualify with a choice of three titles: Certificate, Advanced Certificate or Diploma.

Criteria for IATTO Certification Diploma level

Generic for all levels

  • trade training must be vocational (skills rather than knowledge)
  • trade training should be experimental (practice the skills in a company)
  • trade program should be work based (participants are employed)

Knowledge and skills covered

  • export business plan
  • export sales training/negotiations
  • international market research
  • international marketing strategies
  • cross culture
  • trade regulations

Requirements for individuals

  • employed university graduates
  • at least 50% of the trainers must have more than 10 years of experience in internationalbusiness
  • participants must have access to an individual coach to implement the knowledge
  • practical assignments - implementation of an export business plan accessed by a business men

In the ITM Worldwide Program also international networking abroad and study visits/meeting with potential customers are required. Change Management is another topic that is of great importance to meet the challenges going international, launch new products/services or enter new markets. An international faculty comng from different parts of the world.

Upon completion of a Diploma, and providing they commit to the IATTO Code of Conduct, have two years’ experience in international trade management and agree to take part in continuing professional development, participants may apply for the title of World Trade Professional. "A global professional designation gives you a professional identity and recognition among colleagues and employers;

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