ITM Worldwide Program launched in Croatia 11 September 2014


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The Ministry of Business and Trade on 11 September 2014, he started his first education program for International Business International Trade Management ITM 2014, which is being implemented in collaboration with the International Worldwide Foundation, Sweden. Deputy Minister of Business and Trade Drazen Pros addressed the participants of the Programme of Education from 14 companies and stressed the importance of education focused on meeting the needs of small and medium enterprises that want to do business abroad. Participants also addressed by Mr.. Hasse Karlsson, President and founder of the Foundation ITM Worldwide from Sweden, who for many years worked in the framework of this program in the interests of SMEs.

The first activity under the Program of Education Research Seminar of the international market, which is held on 11 and 12 September 2014, and lecturer Ms. Jean Sutton, who has extensive professional experience in market research and at the same time and experienced teacher. International Trade Management (ITM) is a concept developed under the auspices of the European Union, in cooperation trade councils and associations of SMEs seven European countries (Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Greece, Hungary, Slovenia and Lithuania) and was named the best concept for education international business by the European Commission. ITM concept to their practical orientation of developing export capacity in small businesses and directs them to the careful planning of international activities, while saving time and resources.

The education program will take place in Zagreb, and Sweden, in English, from September through December 2014, through the following activities:
workshop "Passport to Export" under which the students, with additional individual counseling internationally recognized experts, create an export business plan for the company in which they are employed;
seminars are held internationally recognized experts in the fields: research of international markets, multiculturalism, market strategy, change management, sales skills for export;
individual counseling;
international networking and a study visit to the Swedish companies.
Benefits of participation in the Program of Education for International Business International Trade Management for companies and participants are increasing exports, acquiring the latest knowledge and skills in the field of international business and created an export business plan.

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