ITM Worldwide in International Media - Capacity building boost export in SMEs


The overall theme in international media about the ITM Worldwide Concept is "Capacity building boost export in SMEs"

As the world becomes a global marketplace, small and medium sized companies are growingincreasingly dependent on their ability to conduct business internationally. The growth of small and medium-sized companies is an issue of common concern worldwide, and of strategic importance to small and developing countries whose economies are largely export-dependent.

The biggest obstacle for SMEs to grow internationally is lack of personnel with the right trade skills, “Strategy 2000”, Oxford Reserch.

The ITM Worldwide Concept has been developed by trade councils and SME organisations sponsored by the EU to meet this need and give small and medium-sized companies access to world markets.

“Being fully aware of how valuable training is when coupled with industry specific practice, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia has included the ITM Programme in its Programme for Promotion of the Internationalisation of Slovenian Companies for the period 2010-2014. A high quality of the programme, exceptional satisfaction of the participants and the fact, that the ITM Worldwide Program is able to increase export and create new jobs in small and medium-sized companies have also helped ITM to qualify for the full-scope of our support”. Tanja Permozer, Head of Division for Internationalisation and Tourism, Ministry of Economic Development and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia.

“We have documented that one of the fastest paths to export growth is by building sales capabilities in SMEs.” Professor Per V. Jenster , Board Member of ITM Worldwide Foundation and also Chairman of Nordic International Management Institute, China.

Exports in Swedish SMEs rose by 500.000 euro and two to three new jobs were created by each trainee the first year after completion of the program. Corresponding results from Slovenia shows that the export rose by 800.000 euro and 3-4 new jobs were created and in Estonia export rose by 1 million euro and 3-4 new jobs were created

"To help overcome the EU unemployment crisis, entrepreneurs could play a valued role in creating more jobs to generate further growth in the industry sector, and enabling SME’s to help within economic growth in Europe. Most of the new jobs will come from successful small and medium-sized firms."Antonio Tajani, Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship/Vice President European Commission.

ITM Worldwide Concept also create career opportunities for export managers with a university degree within companies and attract university graduates looking for an international career in SMEs. We manage to bridge the “knowledge-doing gap” between universities and SMEs by turning knowledge into action. Practical toolboxes, coaches to implement the knowledge, lecturers with business experiences and access to an international network of colleagues, experts and potential customers is the key.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Antonio Tanjani

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