Export sales revenue increased with 44 percent per year


SPIRIT SLOVENIA - The Public Agency for Enrepreneurship, innovation, Development, Investment and Tourism was one of our first partners in 2006. Since then we have trained alltogether 56 export managers in small and medium-sized export companies. The first three ITM Worldwide Projects between 2006 and 2010 with a total of 27 companies/participants gave the following result:
  • Sales revenues in international markets increased by 44 % every year
  • Companies entered 43 new foreign makets
  • 8 out of 27 participants were promoted, one was appointed managing director.
  • 5 participants established their own companies, 4 of them are already internalized
  • 50 % of the participants said that the ITM Worldwide Program exceeded their expectations

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The ITM Worldwide program in Slovenia and Business Cases

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