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The ITM Worldwide Concept – increasing exports in SMEs

"We manage to bridge the ‘knowledge-doing’ gap between universities and SMEs – turning knowledge into action. We are measured not only by outstanding evaluations (50% of customers say that the programme exceeded their expectations), but by something more important: how we can increase exports in SMEs by recruiting and training university graduates and allowing new career opportunities to arise," says Hasse Karlsson, President and Founder of ITM Worldwide Foundation.

A resent study

A recent study done by University West, Sweden in Slovenia, Lithuania, Estonia and Sweden shows that university graduates rate job satisfaction very high in SMEs. Challenging work, more responsibility, flat organisation and being close to management makes university graduates stay in SMEs in rural areas.

ATech elektronika is a company with over 20 years of corporate history in the electronics industry. In 2011, Brigita Tomazic, of ATECH ELECTRONIKA in Slovenia, joined the ITM Worldwide Program. After one year of reinventing the sales process, sales have doubled, with the lion’s share of this growth in export.

The ITM Worldwide Concept increase export

The ITM Worldwide Program was implemented in Slovenia, in 2006 and since then sales revenue has increased with 44% per year, according to SPIRIT Slovenia, Public Agency for Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Development, Invest and Tourism.

In Estonia a year after the programme, the 24 export trainees  sells for 24 million Euro - €1m on average depending on sectors.

In Sweden, a review in the daily business magazine, Dagens Industri some yearsago shows that an investment of €10,000 in international trade training gave a return on investment of €500,000 in increased export per year in European markets.

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