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Cutting the barriers

There are still barriers for SMEs to overcome to increase their esport inspite of free trade agreements:

Lack of trade skills

Lack of people people with suitable international trade skills. 

The "knowledge-doing gap"

According to an article in Harvard Business Review the "knowledge-doing-gap" between universities and SMEs is another obstacle. Knowledge must be turned into action to be appliable in an SME. Simply knowing how to conduct international negotiations is not enough; you have to practice it in real life. International trade training must take place parallel with working in a company, to bridge the gap between universities and SMEs. 

SMEs are situated in rural areas

Many SMEs are situated in rural areas, and have an unknown brand, while universities are established in bigger cities. The challenge is clear. How do you attract the best talents to SMEs in competition with large multinational companies? An export trainee profram for SMEs could be one solution.

Lack of international networks for trade

An international trade network of colleagues, experts and potential customers is as important as the trade knowledge reguired to be able to grow internationally - especially for SMEs interested in entering new markets. A multinational company offers this from day one. 

Lack of a global qualification system

The export profession is not yet recognized as such. A professional designation is needed to give an identity and recognition to colleagues and employers. A global certification of trade training programs will create transparancy and give a quality stamp to a new profession.

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"The ITM Worldwide Concept offer an international trade training to bridge the gap between universities and exporting SMEs. We attract university graduates to SMEs by offering an Export Trainee Program, coaching and an international network", says Hasse Karlsson President and Founder ITM Worldwide Foundation.

"IATTO - The International Association of Trade Training Organisations - launched a global system for accreditation, certification and professional designation this year", says Hasse Karlsson Chairman IATTO.

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