Article in NLT - the daily newspaper in Lidköping " World unique export foundation based in Lidköping "


A World unique export Foundation based in Lidköping

ITM Worldwide Foundation recruits on behalf of a company and provides training concept for primarily young professionals between the ages of 25-35 years.

The focus is on small countries and small companies, where the domestic market is s too small and you need to export to survive.

The project will run for six months and each trainee goes through 14 days of training combined with internship at an exporting company.

Twice a year there are international seminars taking place in Lidköping.

We have a network of experts who teach in different parts of the world.
Administration and marketing is done online in Lidköping.
ITM Worldwide serves as the link between the universities and the companies who are in need of academic employees, says Hasse Karlsson.

Andrea Johansson is the project manager and she is the one who fixes the international seminars and manages the contacts at the social media and Alumni Linkedln.

-There you can exchange experiences and also keep in touch with those who have completed the training, she says.

Last year, the Foundation got attention in several different magazines worldwide. Most recently in the Danish magazine ”Mondag Morning”. The title is -The Miracle in Lidköping, and you can read about how ITM Worldwide Foundation in the "small village" has succeeded as one of the greatest export successes in Sweden.

These are the five best results during the Foundation's five-year export business, according to Hasse Karlsson:

  • The fact that we reached out to 27 countries and educated nearly 500 export sales managers in these countries.
  • That we have been able to prove that education leads to increased exports
  • That we are based in Lidköping and can operate a global business from a small town.
  • That we have created an international professional identity for export sales managers.

That we not only have educated export sales managers and entrepreneurs, but also has educated a person, Neil Parson, who is now ambassador to the United States of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

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